Plasteline return with all guns blazing with this triple-headed beast courtesy of Salin, Genco & Duchen Kollen working collectively in the construction of ‘Technoworks’. Salin’s ‘Minerva’ is first up and is a sparse yet warm piece of techy minimalism whose bassline draws a midnight skyline in silhouette as the track winds tightly into its peak. Next up is Genco’s ‘North Trail’ another pared-down workout underpinned by a modular-Moog style bassline that gives the piece its driving force, while coming up at the rear Duchen Kollen offers up ‘24 Moves’ a progressive workout that builds and builds into a frenetic club-ready monster, propelled by a manic acid backbone!

Salin, Genco & Duchen Kollen are graduates from the Electronic Music Production course at SAE Athens. Check out the details here.

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