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Plasteline, rooted in both Munich and Athens, operates as a record label and publishing house with a focus on the realms of underground house and techno music.

Once upon a time in Munich, Germany, there existed a unique musical haven known as Plasteline, a record label and publishing house born in the creative mind of Chris Martinis back in 2006. In its early years, this musical venture grooved to the beats of ten singles and two full-length albums, showcasing the diverse talents of global artists.

The heart and soul of Plasteline were always intertwined with the pulsating rhythms of house and techno music, exploring the vast variations and combinations these genres had to offer. However, the music momentarily paused its dance in 2010, taking a break for three years. During this hiatus, life unfolded for Chris Martinis, the founder, as he engaged with the local branch of SAE in Athens, donning the role of Academic Coordinator/Manager. Juggling the demands of the job against the backdrop of Greece’s economic and social challenges, Chris found himself in a unique rhythm of life.

But, as fate would have it, the dormant beats of Plasteline were destined to resurface. The label, rejuvenated and redesigned, embarked on a new chapter, thanks to the determination and resilience of the Martini siblings. Hailing from both Munich and Athens, they were ready to rock the musical boat once again.

Supported by the rhythmic symphony of SAE Athens and the harmonious collaboration with Press&Play, Plasteline prepared to unleash a wave of musical treasures. The future held promises of digital releases, while echoes of the past lingered on vinyl. As the label celebrated its 40th release, the Martini siblings expressed their gratitude to all supporters, acknowledging the invaluable role played by those who embraced the beats of Plasteline. The journey continued, and the melodies of innovation and appreciation resonated in the air, shaping the ongoing tale of this musical odyssey.