ELECT 08 – Release Date: 12 FEB 2019 – Catalogue: PLS 035

For the eighth instalment in Plasteline’s Elect series a triple-headed, 90s-inspired monster rears its epic head; kicking off with Elena Kulstof Ft. Siadou, ‘I Wanna’ is the tamed beast, a minimal synth pop workout, whose muted electro rumblings erupt into a stupifying middle eight of electric dreams! Fade Out follow up suitably with ‘Exporting Dreams’, all atmospheric, progressive house as reimagined by a grandiose made-for-TV movie, while Joe Rekiav straddles the rear with ‘Astroride’, which keeps its feet firmly in dark and long territory.

Elena Kulstof, Fade Out and Joe Rekiav are graduates from the Electronic Music Production course at SAE Athens. Check out the details here.

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