With more than a dozen releases under their belts for a variety of different labels Pittsburgh Track Authority have now dropped a fantastic debut LP on their own Pittsburgh Tracks imprint; elements of House, Disco Dub, Techno and Electro combine gracefully to give birth to an album that sounds as much ‘now’ as it does timeless.

The album sets off with a deep, broken Techno number entitled ‘Genta’ that manages to sink you into its zone from the first few bars; ‘It’s Over’ is another stand-out moment featuring slapping snares, chopped up vocals and an overall taste of 90s disco house, while ‘Visions of Serengeti’ conjures up imaginary film scenes of the Idjut Boys tangoing intoxicated, with Tantra’s ‘The Double Album’ fading in and out at strobelike speed (!).

Elsewhere the record returns to familiar territory with ‘Cuttthroat’, a tough but pleasing rhythm track, and one that dives deep only to morph seamlessly into a menacing acid number.

All told, this album feels good!

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