The producer responsible for the lion’s share of the early Moxie edits returns in 2014 with a brand new EP for Modernista, the UK based label he co-owns with Dan Harrington and Chris Blaik; the EP follows in the footsteps of Bennett’s previous two solo efforts, embracing the virtues of timeless house and techno and rewiring it to the now.

‘Overtaking On The Inside Lane’ is an eery techy beast, designed for dark sweaty basements and reminiscent of Lil Louis and Marcellus Pittman in equal measure, in which stomping kicks and mind piercing hi hats form the backbone of a constantly shifting, hypnotic synth line.
‘Apologies Apparently Unnecessary’ feels like the sophomore instalment of 2011’s ‘After All The Tomorrows Became Yesterdays’ over on the B side, where deep, heartrending electronic music delivers itself solicitously unto headphone listening, or perhaps those early morning club moments where everything feels a little more emotional. In a word, fantastic!



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