Originally released in 1996 via Black Market, Larry Heard’s third solo LP entitled ‘Alien’ has been re-issued via his own Alleviated Records imprint; the album pays homage to Ridley Scott’s film of the same name and draws parallels with the works of seminal acts such as Mike Oldfield and Tangerine Dream.

The album signals a departure from Heard’s signature house sound as Mr. Fingers, Gherkin Jerks and The It, with the artist diving deep into ambient territory with licks of jazz, fusion and prog rock. Alien is a dreamy exercise composed on a Korg O1/W workstation keyboard, a Roland d550 and an Oberheim Matrix 1000 and is a must have for any potential space explorer!

The re-issue will also be available on double vinyl for the first time, including the entirety of the tracks already featured on the CD version.

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