If you ever wonder what Daft Punk were listening to during the years between Human After All and Random Access Memories, well, the Robots’ 20-song Spotify playlist will give you all the info!

01 Chic: “Good Times”
02 Phoenix: “The Real Thing”
03 The Strokes: “Tap Out”
04 Carly Simon: “Why”
05 Animal Collective: “My Girls”
06 MGMT: “Electric Feel”
07 Giorgio Moroder: “Tears”
08 Jai Paul: “Jasmine” (demo)
09 Giorgio Moroder: “Chase”
10 Chilly Gonzales: “Knight Moves”
11 N.E.R.D.: “Hypnotize U”
12 Sister Sledge: “He’s The Greatest Dancer”
13 James Blake: “Retrograde”
14 Bon Iver: “Woods”
15 Diana Ross: “I’m Coming Out”
16 Panda Bear: “You Can Count On Me”
17 UR: “Amazon”
18 Bernard Hermann: “Taxi Driver” (main title)
19 Paul Williams: “Bugsy Malone”
20 Jackson 5: “I Want You Back” (a capella)

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