Essential Kerri ‘Kaoz’ Chandler and Yahya McDougald re-issue from 1994 under their Bassmental moniker, on seminal New York imprint Nite Grooves; four tracks of deeper than deep soul infused house tracks that sound as fresh today as they did back in the day. Kaoz doesn’t deviate here from his tried and tested recipe as he provides a cavernous canvas of keys and atmospheres onto which he unleashes a string of swaggering hi hats, snares, claps and booming bass drums.
The entire EP functions as a would-be dictionary definition of 90s house and is a testament to Kaoz’ own philosophy of stripped down, raw grooves for your body and your soul! If we were to pick only one stand out track here it would have to be ‘Keep It Deep’; whispered vocals set the tone, before an electronic bassline prepares you to brace yourself for the swinging rhythm and stay in synch for the entirety of the track! If you missed it first time around here’s your chance to get schooled!


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