Dirty Nancy & Funsklut – Wake Up || Release Date: 17 Jan 2024 || Catalogue: PLS 040

Celebrating their 40th release in electrifying style, Plasteline proudly presents a riveting split EP showcasing the groundbreaking sounds of Dirty Nancy, an innovative electronic music duo hailing from the vibrant city of Athens, Greece. Known for their distinctive fusion of electronica, indie electro, and synth-wave, Dirty Nancy’s sonic palette is a captivating blend of hardware synthesizers, vocoders, and an enthralling maze of audio cables.

The EP features two powerhouse tracks, ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Narcoterrorista,’ both standouts from Dirty Nancy’s self-titled album released on November 24, 2023. ‘Wake Up,’ a pulsating anthem with its magnetic charisma, takes centre stage alongside the darkly hypnotic allure of ‘Narcoterrorista.’ However, the EP takes a thrilling turn with an exceptional addition: an enthralling melodic tech-house remix of ‘Wake Up’ crafted by none other than label owner Funkslut.

In this commemorative release, Dirty Nancy’s boundary-pushing artistry intertwines with Funkslut’s signature style, unveiling a remix that elevates ‘Wake Up’ to new heights of sonic exploration. The EP promises a sensory journey, showcasing the duo’s multifaceted talent as both musicians and visual artists, with their personally crafted artwork adorning the release. Plasteline’s 40th EP is a testament to innovation and creativity in the electronic music realm, inviting listeners to dive into a world where musical boundaries dissolve, leaving only the pulsating rhythms and vibrant energy of Dirty Nancy’s electrifying soundscapes.