The third release by Plasteline is here to further enhance an intense introduction by this new label. The ‘Manchurians’ is the collaboration of Patrick Pelzner who has already featured on the labels’ second release (pls002 – all too dry) and Funkslut the label owner. Having sat down for two afternoons somewhere in June 2006, Manchurians’ first outcome was a track called Sizzler. Originating back in 2005, some of the track’s spirit can be traced back to one of Munich’s well known figures Alex Dune. Although the stripped down Sizzler has little in common with the very first version. The original is a dry killing tech house stomper with an ultra groovy bassline that will blow you away. The rmx for this one comes from an undisputed master of the production art, namely Lars Sommerfeld (Fumakilla), a name who has constantly been there to convince us that pure sounding funky tech house can and should never be ignored … just listen for yourself. This will no doubt be the hit for Plasteline so far, I tell you this ….. out now.