After a well received start of the Elect series comes the second split featuring two ultimate deep house tracks. Coached by John Dalagelis, these young artists deliver top performance in terms of production style and musicality. First Low Gee starts his track “Love Deep” with beautifully arranged and subtly layered beat and percussive elements, building up to introduce his main chord progression à la deep house standards. Accompanied by a lovely stuttered male sample the track evolves into the break, presenting airy pads, fatty bass lines and a female laughter that breathes even more life into the composition. The rest is pure house class with nothing to miss there. Second, Miguel commences in the same manner as his colleague only to be hacking into our brains sooner with an addictive bass line, playing along a high pitched string sound. In a classic house manner we have elegant vocal samples appear in the mix and eventually the track “Never Gonna Change” introduces a catchy deep chord progression that perfectly complements the main ingredients. Finally a well tuned break allows for the space needed when building tension into a track and guess what … Miguel convinces us again. The track then slowly gets rid of its theme elements, giving proper room for the next track to be mixed in. DJs enjoy the ride.

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Low Gee and Miguel are graduates from the Electronic Music Production course at SAE Athens Greece. Check out the details here.