Lefty D is Plasteline’s newest finding and without doubt an artist that strives to achieve great things in terms of musical expression. His style can be characterized as dark, filthy, tense, hypnotic and definitely sexual to be fair at least. What we have here is finest Tech House boasting slick percussive elements, stubby melodies and smokey vocals performed by Lefty D himself. Beautiful bass-lines running against silk soft hi-hats could easily become his trademark.With respected releases on Klik, Mangali, Rotary Cocktail, IRR, Plastic City and Planet Rhythm, along comes Lee Burton and takes on remixing duties, proving once again that he is an extremely skilled and talented producer. Nothing but pure jacking beat action, against altering deep deep deep bass notes and chords is the motto here. This release is the result of relentless pursuit of quality combined with exceptional mastery.

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Lefty D is a graduate of the Electronic Music Production course at SAE Athens Greece. Check out the details here.