The 4th installment in Plasteline’s Elect series sees three muscular efforts contemplating their own tangents on a visceral club aesthetic; Deni Mene’s ‘Diffusion’ kicks things off with a staccato backbone of percussion, which builds fluidly into a stripped down techno affair peppered with carefully considered synth stabs, deftly dropped claps and an enduringly finespun melodic arch.

Stammy picks up the baton for the second cut, under the title ‘An Ever-changing Maze’, a tribal infused rhythmic tool that gives way to a persistent, minacious vocal hook line, resonant with cinematic effervescence. Finally bringing up the rear, the EP’s closer is Sub Dose’s ‘Reflexio’ a bouncy, club-ready number that frisks around a bubbly synth line before breaking out the big guns with layers of stridently syncopated rhythms, bringing to mind the halcyon days of minimal techno.

Deni Mene, Stammy and Sub Dose are graduates from the Electronic Music Production course at SAE Athens Greece. Check out the details here.

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